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The Healthy Millionaire™ - Janine Bowring
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Bringing together years of experience in the field of wellness, Dr. Janine Bowring, ND delivers a comprehensive guide for those who may be rich financially, yet poor in mind and physical health. For the successful or aspiring millionaire who intends to keep and create the millions (s)he works hard for, Dr. Bowring provides effective suggestions for a prosperous life free from diseases.

The human body can become clogged daily with external and emotional toxins that can cloud one’s spirit and balance. Dr. Bowring, ND teaches how naturopathic medicine can lift you to a level of affluence through the process of detoxification.

This book explains the function of the body’s major organs, how to refine your diet, exercise efficiently, and rid your body of toxins and infections with naturopathic remedies and beneficial exercises. +MORE


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Read excerpts from Janine Bowrings latest book, The Healthy Millionaire™, a book for the aspiring and accomplished millionaire. Discover how you can improve both your health and wealth. +MORE


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